About Self-saver foundation

Self-saver foundation

Think and get success. Do not think about others, they always want to see you like an unsuccessful man and want to laugh at you.

Think about life and yourself you don’t need to work on someone’s path and order. Their information and technology is the part of past and you live in future now the time to think about the reality and needs of your life at today. Don’t think what they say about yourself focus on your success and don’t lose yourself.

Today’s business has also changed every company wants everything to be delivered to the people sitting in the house so that their needs are fulfilled and they cannot look out to anyone else or any other company.

The biggest problem in our world is to earn money. Today poor people work harder than slaves only for just a few money. If tried, there are small businesses that earn more than any salary employee.

Now this problem arises which business should be done and how to manage money for it. It’s just a solution finding people with whom you can manage your needs.

You can find endless benefits with Self-saver foundation

Self-saver foundation special offers for all members.

Promotion of knowledge & awareness amongst general public.

The self-saver foundation will include members of each union council of Pakistan whose registration will be in the voter list. Which can be protected from all types of terrorist organizations or individuals and protect members property.

To meet patients’ needs of blood and medicines for patients. Providing blood and medicines to every Union Council through the Free Medical Dispensary and Blood Bank to the public.

Regarding the registration and requirement of birth and death.

Expenses will be paid on mortality and birth.

Helping whispered people and making them a financial system for future troubles.

Organizing the marriage with gifts for members.

For students part time job and business

Helping unemployed members to find work according to their ability.

Record the members according to their profession and use their services to improve others.

Providing life requirements on instalment for members. Helping members to repair and exchange the home appliances without any extra charges for 30 days installment. If charges are expansive then give time to pay with little extra charge.

Helping the debt paying debt while finding the nature and the condition of the debt.

Helping file tax and FBR files and documentaries.

Finding a solution with any help of the court in case of any difference between any institution or company and shopkeepers.

In case of any injustice, ensure the access of members to the rulers and officers.

Supporting license and files as well as incorrect entry case.

After joining our group, you can get special discount from all members.

Batter place and way for our children’s

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Great and best management will be made for your future.